For Women of Faith Called to Lead in
Network Marketing

Slay the Lies
Get Positioned & See How LOVE

Will Grow Your Business


God Already Told Us:


Positioned to Prosper is

learning how to

Sell and Recruit from

the HEART!

Stop looking for the magic script, the magic post, the perfect lead magnet. Give up the exhausting illusion that one of those things will suddenly make loads of customers and teammates come flooding into your business. INSTEAD. What does God tell us to do? It's simple.

Love My People . . .

She is hurting... and you can show her your LIGHT.

She is scared...and you can show her your COURAGE.

She is lonely....and you can invite her into community where you both can THRIVE.


Love Always Wins.

Join the Positioned to Prosper Challenge to:

Slay Limiting Beliefs and


Jesus gave us the path to being SUCCESSFUL and in this Challenge Gail will show you how to implement strategies following His lead!

Hint: Love Wins!

* Come learn how to be a servant leader in your business & watch it GROW.

* Jesus asked questions, you will learn how to ASK questions to gain customers.

* Like Jesus, you will learn how to Seek God First in your business daily.

*Learn how to LOVE your customers - get a Nurturing Sequence going that get results.

* Join the no hustle, work smarter not harder movement and as a BONUS hear Gail show you the proven "Fast Path" to $100K in this industry!

What Others Are Saying
About This Challenge...

By the Time this Challenge Ends:

  • You will have identified and SLAYED the LIES that have been holding you back!!

  • You will KNOW how to see when you are "in position", when you aren't and what to do about it!

  • You will know how to STEWARD well what God has given you so He can trust you with more.

  • You will have new courage to invite others without spammy "hey, girl" messages.

  • You will what to say and when to say to draw her in, not push her away! Your own daily Nurturing Sequence.

  • You will know how to move onto Gail's FAST PATH to $100K without hustle and grind!

  • You will leave this Challenge POSITIONED FOR KINGDOM INCOME & IMPACT.



In this Challenge, Gail is going to give you a Crash Course in what it means to be POSITIONED TO PROSPER so you can stop spinning your wheels and step into the Kingdom multiplication God has for you!

After a lifetime in this industry (Direct Sales and Network Marketing), earning multiple six figures, and coaching her leaders to be a million dollar team annually... God called Gail to retire so that she would focus exclusively on helping YOU - woman of faith - YOU are who He has called her to serve.

Gail's clients invest in her coaching because they have tried "all the things" only to hit wall after wall of discouragement. If you can relate, be encouraged, because it doesn't mean "all the things" didn't work or worse, that something is wrong with you.

As God's Daughter, it almost always means

you just weren't positioned to receive the next level of blessing God had for you.

STOP STRUGGLING without Him, and instead

start letting Him multiply your income by focusing on His ways to sell, recruit, and build online!

Her coaching programs are dedicated to her client's getting results, but what comes first is getting YOU POSITIONED so that you are able to lead yourself and others to implement with Kingdom strategies - to receive ALL THAT GOD HAS FOR YOU!

God has already called you.

It's time you get you POSITIONED


"After 12 years in the Industry, I can tell you Coaching with Gail was the best investment

I’ve ever made in myself and my business." 

Testimonial from Tammy Ward, Mary Kay

5 Day Challenge Value = $997



Woman of Faith in Network Marketing...

It's Time to RISE!

Refuse to let another year go by without experiencing God's blessing in your business!

Join the Positioned to Prosper Challenge... where preparation paves the way for God's blessings.

"If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail!"

5 Day Challenge VALUE= $697


  • DAY 1. Honor God in Your Business

When you are properly positioned - your priorities change, your focus changes, your heart's motivation changes. You see LOVE WINS. Gail will be giving you revelatory insights that can create massive shifts in how you approach your life & business. Tools to implement immediately to get you walking tall and ready to accelerate in your business!

  • DAY 2. What Jesus actually said about Success & Money

We will look at what God actually says about money. How do LOVE and MONEY come together in the Kingdom? After this Challenge, expect to operate your business from a completely different space. No more hiding your light. Instead trusting God's got you, so you start showing up with a new ability to see your path to righteous wealth that pours out in LOVE.

  • DAY 3. Get Rooted In Knowing Who You Serve Changes Everything

Knowing your niche and avatar awakens you to a new motivation - a desire to go LOVE, to go serve. You will see Why the King of Kings wants His daughters - IN BUSINESS - to be set free to build Real Income. Gail coaches you how to turn your view of sales and recruiting upadie down and instead work from a Kingdom perspective,

  • Day 4. Create Your Nurturing Sequence for your Customer

God is the "OG" of systems. He is a God of order thats why you long for a system to follow. Gail will help you get clear on what your daily tasks are so that you have focus and simplicity in their business! A step by step Love approach to reaching out and building trust that leads to sales and teammates. She will feel seen, known and heard and THEN interested in what you have to share!


    Gail will share her "FAST PATH" TO $100K - WITHOUT GRIND!"

Gail shares how she earned multiple six figures annually in her direct sales business and grew her team to $1M in sales . And you get a sneak peek at what she teaches her client's - how to build FROM A KINGDOM PERSPECTIVE, working smarter not harder, building a THRIVING team!

WHEN we are NOT positioned (in alignment with God's intention for us) as #believersinbusiness, we can live in paralyzing fear and doubt and filled with anxiety to "perform" well for yourself and others - Gail knows because she has been there! These fears block us from ALL GOD HAS FOR US!

It breaks God's heart to think you may choose to go on this way!


  1. We start with a "PRE-P2P Welcome" at 10:30am EST on Thursday 2/8 - we will network and Gail will coach you on HOW to schedule this content into your week so you don't miss a thing!


  1. OFFICIAL START is Monday, 2/12!

  1. After you register you will join a private FB group just for The P2P Challenge & start making new friends.

  1. We will be LIVE on Zoom 10:20AM EST! After you register there will be a "Backstage" option to get live coaching from Gail during the Challenge.

  1. Can't be on live?

It's OK! The replays and assignments will be available daily!

Challenge Value & Details:

Hear from Chandra...

what she experienced when she got

POSITIONED to PROSPER in her business....

"Through Gail's coaching, I changed my view of my business and I was able to put it in a place of honor and be committed to it.

My faith is stronger now, and each day I am able to place everything, including my business, at God’s feet.

She showed me that God won’t release to us something we don’t actually believe in. Changing my mindset has positioned me to see God move in my life and my business. I am excited about the future and the vision God has for me."

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